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The Cloud Adoption Journey

Cloud Prime supports your organization in every step of the Cloud Adoption Journey.

Viability Assessment

We do an extensive application and infrastructure assessment that enables you to know the requirements and licences needed for migration and to define the right strategy for placing servers in the Cloud and calculate the associated costs.


Architecture & Governance

A proper configuration and implementation of all Cloud components are prerequisites for a successful Cloud usage.This step of the adoption path deals with the architecture of all the components required to ensure your applications operate securely in a hybrid environment. Along with the architecture, this step includes a governance framework capable of introducing mechanisms to protect your Cloud environment.


Migration to the Cloud
Cloud Migration

Having a hybrid platform that extends your network and systems to the Cloud, the next step is to migrate your applications and modernise them to use Cloud infrastructure systems. With over 1000 servers migrated, Cloud Prime ensures migrations are secure and efficient.

Cloud Native Operations
Cloud Ops

The Cloud offers considerable efficiency gains in the operation of your infrastructure, however, to be able to realise these gains you need to change your approach to operations. Cloud Prime integrates your existing processes with an Infrastructure as Code framework and automation that enables you to achieve previously impossible service levels.

Optimize & Modernize

The path to the Cloud is an ongoing process that doesn't end when your virtual machines run in the Cloud environment. To fully reap the benefits of the platform you need to use the most efficient options it offers. From container technology to PaaS databases, your applications may see gains in performance or efficiency. Cloud Prime helps in the process of optimization and modernization by finding and planning opportunities, and executing the changes.