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Architecture and Governance

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Pedido de Informações

Pedir informações acerca deste serviço.


Extend your Environment, or Create a New One

It is not advisable, nor in some cases possible, to put applications in the Cloud without first designing and planning the environment in which these applications will reside. The main goal of the Architecture and Design phase is to create a Cloud environment that works analogously to your existing environment and extends your network and identity services to the Cloud.

Adopting the Cloud brings new risks to your organisation, and the tool it offers you to mitigate these risks are usage policies. These usage policies, or Cloud governance, provide the necessary safeguards so that the costs and security of your environment are continually under control. No Cloud architecture is complete without having a minimum governance framework.

Cloud Prime has extensive experience designing Cloud systems for companies of all sizes. From large Cloud environments in hub-spoke topology to single-application environments, we have a modular and regulated approach so that any enterprise, regardless of size, can enjoy the benefits of the Cloud.

All implementations of our architectures are done and delivered through automation and infrastructure by code. We use the most common tools: Terraform, Powershell, and Ansible. But we also have experience with Bicep and Pulumi.

What's included?

  • Hybrid network design with redundancy and security
  • Hybrid identity infrastructure design
  • Virtual Desktop, Universal Print, File Shares
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Implementation
  • VM management (backup, update management, vulnerability management)
  • Governance across four disciplines: Cost Management, Security, Identity and Resource Consistency
  • Services Managed by VMWare