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Cloud Assessment

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Pedido de Informações

Pedir informações acerca deste serviço.


Quantify What The Cloud Can Do For You

Migrating to the Cloud creates a world of digitalisation opportunities, but these also come with costs. Costs that can compromise the benefits of the adoption process. Deciding which migration process is right for each application and knowing what the respective costs are becomes imperative to create a business case and quantify the benefits of the Cloud.

Cloud Prime recommends starting the Cloud adoption process always with an assessment study that quantifies the compatibility of the infrastructure for the Cloud and calculates the operational expenses for the Cloud.

Our assessment study starts with an analysis of each application that allows us to discover the infrastructure requirements, map them to the multiple Cloud services and create the migration strategy. Once we have the migration strategy, we can design a high-level architecture and calculate its expected costs.

Key Points

  • Hybrid Architecture Diagram
  • Total Cost Of Ownership Multi-Cloud Comparison
  • On Premises Total Cost Of Ownership
  • Licensing and Compliance Analysis
  • Performance and Dependencies Analysis
  • Migration Strategy Costs Calculation