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Pedido de Informações

Pedir informações acerca deste serviço.


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Cloud migration is a generic term to describe the activity of replacing existing on-prem functionality and data with identical functionality and the same data in the Cloud. There are many ways to migrate an application, from a simple "lift & shift" where you copy virtual machines to the Cloud environment to replacement approaches where you replace on-premises infrastructure with an equivalent service in the Cloud.

Whatever type of migration is not without complexity and is not without challenges. Moving a server to the Cloud does not end when it is in the Cloud, but when it makes use of the tools that the Cloud offers. Part of the migration, therefore, is the configuration of security, backup, update management and firewall systems for each migrated application.

Apart from application migration the modernisation also encompasses the migration of data and functionality for various services managed by the Cloud provider. Your users will enjoy all the benefits of using Office 365 with a migration of their existing emails and data to other platforms.

Cloud Prime has extensive experience in server migration, having performed over 1000 migrations ranging from simple ""lift & shift" to complex data migrations.

What's included?

  • Server Migrations to IaaS
  • Data migrations to managed databases (PaaS)
  • Migrations of physical servers
  • Migrations to VMware
  • Virtual Desktop Migrations
  • Migrations to Office 365