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Cloud Native Operations

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Pedido de Informações

Pedir informações acerca deste serviço.

Cloud Ops

Leave Your Infrastructure In Safe Hands

Moving your data centre to the Cloud is not just a technical issue. The operating model has to adapt to the new Cloud reality as well. The static and predefined structures that define the reality in data centres are replaced by dynamic and ever-changing abstractions. For this reason it becomes imperative to adopt automatisms and monitor all the activity within the Cloud environment.

Cloud Prime is specialised in operating the Cloud environment of companies of all sizes, and at various levels. We have a modular product that allows you to define what is the responsibility of Cloud Prime, what is the responsibility of the IT team and, if applicable, the responsibility of the programming teams.

For IT services our offer stands out with tier 1 and tier 2 support for applications and databases in virtual machines in the Cloud, support for virtual desktop environments, configuration of the entire hybrid network and management of all identity services.

For programming teams Cloud Prime offers a Cloud based development platform with automations that enable secure and efficient use of the Cloud. Included in the Development Platform are Kubernetes operations, creating pipelines, configuring private endpoints, identity management and more.

Key Points

  • Azure Virtual Desktop Support
  • Installation and support of new applications and databases
  • 24h Support
  • Issue & Incident Management
  • Cloud DevOps Services
  • Kubernetes Ops
  • Hybrid Identity Management