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Optimization and Modernization

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Pedido de Informações

Pedir informações acerca deste serviço.


Unleash the Cloud's Full Potential

The Cloud offers a range of managed services (PaaS and SaaS) that allow your applications to benefit from higher levels of service and security at lower operational costs. However choosing which service is right for your application is not trivial. Not all applications are compatible with all Cloud services. It is therefore important that the modernisation process starts with a study and planning phase.

Finding modernisation opportunities is about knowing the application and the operational requirements. When possible we look at the source code of the application, if not possible we work with several non-invasive tools that find out which services are compatible with each application.

Among others, we work with the following migration & assessment tools:

  • Azure Migrate
  • Cloud Pilot
  • Movere
  • Cloudamize
  • Txture

The execution of the optimisation plan can be done on working days or weekends, depending on the importance of the application in question.

What's included?

  • Data Migration to PaaS
  • Containerization
  • Modify to the right size
  • Substitution by SaaS
  • Migration to Serverless
  • Migration from ADFS to AAD